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I wanted to give everyone a small insight as to the reason that I started this Blog, aside from the passion that I have for delivering great customer experiences personally or with any company that I have ever worked for.

In the neighbourhood that I used to live in there was a local dry cleaner that I loved going to. Not because he got my whites whiter or my colours brighter, not because he was more or less expensive than the bigger store across the road (who gave out free newspapers on Saturday which was quite an incentive for me), but because every time that I walked into the store Kevin and his wife (the store owners) would say hello. Hello? That was it…now mind you they also never asked me for my receipt because they knew who I was and thus quickly were able to get my dry cleaning and get me back on the road. As well, if I was short a few pennies they never asked me to dig around to fill the bill. All simple things that built an enjoyment and a loyalty for me to the store. Did those things cost them money (okay let’s say the pennies were not that often)? Did it take them out of their way to not be able to service other customers in their business? NO. All it took was a passion for providing customer service to their clients and understanding that this is what made the difference between them and the big cleaner across the street.

 The sad part of this story for me is that Kevin and his wife later sold the store and the new owners did not have the passion for great experiences. After 3-4 more visits in hope that they would begin to acknowledge that I was an important customer and one that deserved to be greeted with a smile and a hello each time I came in, I moved on. Not to the big corporate store across the street, but to another small cleaner up the street who was excited to serve me each time I came in…Wow, this guy was over the top! I still miss Kevin and his wife, but for now my new cleaner (I have not introduced myself as of yet) will do me just fine.

 Make sure you too are getting the customer experiences that you deserve, whether at a dry cleaner, a restaurant, a car repair company, a video store or whatever. As the consumer you are in control of the money and the business should be willing to over deliver against the value equation for you. If you spend $10 you should feel like you got a $20 experience. This is what makes you come back time and again to businesses and spread the word about the great service that they are providing.



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So, you may have noticed the other day I posted my first blog in over a year. It has been a busy 12 months and even longer since I closed my consulting business to focus on another incredible opportunity that presented itself to me. Due to the amount of time that it took to build my understanding of the new business and the role that I played in it, my blog took a back seat even though it was the fun side of my consulting business. Well the time has come to delve back into the blog and to put some focus back on one of the creative things that I truly love to do.

I wanted to take a minute to restate the purpose of my blog other than just being an outlet for me to be challenged, supported and critiqued for some of the thoughts that I put out there. My consulting work and my passion for many years had been the customer experience and it is still something that I am truly passionate about as part of my new role and as a consumer every day. The blog was to help consumers understand that they had choices for their hard working dollars and should not accept a bad experience when there are so many other businesses that would bend over backwards to earn their trust, respect and loyalty. Often times the blogs encouraged consumers to take the leap, do the leg work and make the move versus sticking with the existing business that was counting on us not to make the effort. On the business side of the customer experience it was about pointing things out to businesses that provided great customer experiences and those that didn’t. For those that did well it was my pleasure to share the amazing things with my followers, even if it was the smallest of things, as they often are the things that make the difference. On the not so good side, I would tell the story and then make a suggestion or two (usually with a little humour) that I thought might help those businesses improve their experience and ultimately keep their customers. You can see what specific experience drove me to start my business and blog by looking back at one of my first blogs here

One addition to my original focus moving forward will be things that may not speak directly to the customer experience, but something that has motivated me to sit down and pull some thoughts together, like the RBC blog.  In the world we are in today I think one of our biggest risks is to remain silent while the world passes us by. As times presumably get tougher moving forward I believe the silent majority will start to rally and begin to speak up. Remaining silent will allow others to impact the comfort of our lives and I prefer to be a part of that conversation. Hopefully I can help rally others to stand up and make a difference as well.

Thanks for your support!