A few weeks back I was watching everyone’s favourite weatherman, Jeff Hutchison, on Canada AM as he introduced viewers to a recent posting on You Tube from a small book store on Queen Street West (Type bookstore 883 Queen Street West) in Toronto. You can check out this video on You Tube at  http://youtu.be/SKVcQnyEIT8. The video had been viewed over 600,000 times at that point and now is just under 3M views. Over a 24 hour period I saw print and television spots on the content and you can only imagine the media value that this little store created by crafting a unique and inspiring video that captures people hearts, minds and passion for books. Great work at driving awareness and  potential customers by engaging them in great content.

 Lancaster Ltd is another company I have worked with that does this really well. They are a history driven company that creates content that dives into the stories of its partners and then uses social media to drive the interest and engagement to get the message out. Their use of videos, interviews, photo shoots and their garments, often create unexpected results… This past Movember they connected their friend Snoop Dogg with Movember to ‘Keep it Neat’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cH8DdsmOow

 Most recently they launched a tribute film to Muhammad Ali on his 70th birthday. They connected current fighters, legends, and again, Hip Hop Icon Snoop Dogg. You can see it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi0zyAI4GNI

 In an ever changing landscape these guys have evolved into a company that is building great content to engage consumers in a very unique way. You can check out their website and some of the amazing content that they have created to date at www.lancasterltd.com.  They understand that spending money and time up front to authentically engage consumers, in expectation of driving authentic engagement and loyalty, is the way of the future for brands. Pull vs. Push.

 The two examples above really have to make you wonder about the organizations who continue to push their message out to consumers. The push is usually an easier sell to senior management as you can buy GRP’s and show wonderful charts to justify the spend and you don’t have to load up on department of young wizards that know more about social media than most. What the Type book store, Lancaster Ltd. and a few others have done is changed the landscape. They are leading with the consumer value. Giving the consumer what they are looking for (even sometimes things they didn’t even know they wanted) in exchange for their interest and loyalty, not making the consumer pay to allow them to be loyal as a result.

 The future is bright for the consumer and for those businesses that understand the difference and make the effective change of engaging their customers.



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