Staples – Great Service to boot!

I have recently had the need to get some business supplies and as a result took three separate trips to Staples. My expectations for a great experience were low because I was shopping for business supplies. You know, paper, printer cartridges, desk chair and all the other things you would need if you were setting up a home office. Nothing exciting …or expensive.

So what happened?

I was blown away by the service in all three stores and even went to the extent of asking some further questions about the hiring practices of a manger to see how they could have been so consistent across three large stores. Based on the conversation I would suggest that there was nothing particularly special in the process of their hiring, but someone has figured out in the Staples HR HQ that personality and passion for their business may be more important than having worked in a retail setting previously.

The importance of this type of service is even more important when you have a chain of stores like Staples or any large retailer. One bad experience at a store (unless you are the only guy in the game – lucky you!) reflects on the rest of the business and likely results in people looking for additional shopping options for their next purchase. In my case, I looked forward to going back to Staples as a result of the first and second visits.

What a concept…over deliver against your customer expectations and they will return.


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  1. Fabian says:

    Hi Pete,

    This is a great commentary! True customer focused service is so critical in today’s marketplace.

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