Customer Experience…or should I say Customer Relationship

 I recently had a great conversation with a good friend of mine about my Blog. We had not chatted in a while, but he had been following along on the website and taking in all of the varied topics that I had been speaking of. As we were speaking he made the following comment…”how is it possible that you can relate everything back to Customer Experiences”? Hmmm, did I really do that? Was it everything that I spoke of? Was it every industry that I spoke of? Was it from a consumer perspective, a supplier perspective or a distributor and maybe even within personal relationships?


 I had not made the specific connection in any particular Blog to date and I had not called it out specifically as I had not thought of it quite this way, but…

 The world revolves on relationships. Think of it this way..

 Who do you like to hang out with on a personal level?– likely those people with the same personalities, same morals, same passions and same lifestyles.

Who do you like to buy things from? – likely people that a) have the product that you want, but b) that make you feel welcome when you are wherever they sell their product and engage you like a friend would.

 The people/businesses that will be successful moving forward are those that have the ability to relate to as many people as possible. Not without authenticity, but can truly relate to people whether in a community, a sport, a food type, an ethnicity or whatever would drive them to engage with you initially. That is not to say that the guys running the crazy business of XXXXXX (don’t even want to suggest what a crazy is because it is your opinion that matters) won’t be successful, just that they will build solid relationships with people that want to engage with them.

 It really is not that difficult. If you have a product and no one likes to deal with you…good luck. Frankly, if you are able to engage with numerous people and you have a product that provides slightly less value than the competitor, I will put my money on you to be successful.

 As we always say…not rocket science, but so many try to do it a different way. Life is too short to spend time or support people that we don’t enjoy being with.


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  1. bubba says:

    great work…good luck tonight…I know youll kill it as always.

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